Fort Baker Through the Years: The Post, the Park, The Lodge

Kristin L. Baron by and John A. Martini

Fort Baker Through the Years

Fort Baker lies hard-by the famous Golden Gate, literally in the shadow of the famous bridge. For nearly 140 years it was a stronghold of the the U.S. Army, where glowering coastal fortifications overlooked snug Victorian military houses. Built to protect San Francisco from enemies that never came, the fort today is a part of the National Park Service and home to the world-famous Cavallo Point Lodge at the Golden Gate. 

For the first time, the fort's fascinating human an historic stories are retold in the new publication, "Fort Baker Through The Years: The Post, The Park, The Lodge."  

Written by historical architect Kristin Baron and historian John Martini, "Fort Baker Through the Years" provides fascinating glimpses into the fort's many stories: the Huimen people who lived along its shores for centuries, the early Spanish and Mexican settlers, fog-bound lighthouse keepers, and the soldiers who manned the fort's guns and lived in its barracks. In addition, the book contains numerous appendices on the fort's individual buildings, its armament, the military units stationed there, and the officers who commanded the post.


The Post, the Park, the Lodge

June 15, 2012

I am pleased to announce that the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association has chosen Fort Baker Through the Years as their 2012 BAIPA Book Award Winner as the best military history book.



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