Here at Hole in the Head Press we are working on several new titles that will be offered over the next several years.

The third edition of the popular Rings of Supersonic Steel is in the works. This new edition will bring revised maps, new graphics, addtional photographs, and additional detailed information never before published about individual Nike units.

Our second offering has a working title of The Last Missile Site. The Last Missile Site will bring you details about a specific Nike site. The book will detail SF-88, currently the only mechanically operational Nike launch site in the United States. Authors Stephen Haller and John Martini update their historical documentation of SF-88 with pictures, diagrams, and interviews with the men and women who operated one of the last CONUS Nike launch sites to be operational.

We are working on a large and currently out of print Cold War classic, To Defend and Deter. This is over 600 pages of hard to obtain information about the ICBM systems that we deployed in many states during the Cold War. Chances are, there's an old ICBM silo somewhere near you.

Searching the Skies, and The Emerging Shield are two more out of print books that deliver hard to find information about the Cold War Era radar systems that protected the CONUS from attack. We will combine these two books to create a classic work on Cold War radar sites and equipment.

The story of the battle of Bodega Bay is still another project in the works from Hole in the Head Press. It's the story of how a small group of local, small town folks up here on the North Coast defeated Pacific Gas & Electric's planned nuclear power plant on Bodega Head.



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